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Registration Notes

NIH Visitor Information: https://www.nih.gov/about-nih/visitor-information

In the registration process, you will be asked to designate yourself as an attendee or press.


Please allow adequate time to get to the NIH main campus and to get through security at the NIH Gateway Center Entrance. Sometimes security lines can be long. All persons and bags will be screened. You will need to obtain a visitor badge, so please bring a government-issued photo ID. Please note: If you are a non-US citizen from Iran, North Korea, Sudan, or Syria, NIH Security may require additional information from you that will need to be submitted at least 10 days prior to the event. If this applies to you, please call NIH Gateway Center Security at (301) 435–7554 for more information.


Once you obtain your visitor badge, walk directly from the Gateway Center (bldg 66) to the Natcher Conference Center (bldg 45) - see red arrows on  NIH Overview Map The curved, glass building should be straight ahead with the entrance at the end of the walkway. Proceed through the doors of the Natcher Conference Center and proceed to the lower level (via stairs, or elevator on the far side). Check in at the registration desk on the lower level to receive your name badge and conference materials.


  Travelers to the conference are responsible for making their own travel arrangements.

Local Airports:

Three airports serve the greater Washington, DC metro area:
Airport Name Airport code Approx. distance from NIH Approx. taxi cost to NIH
Washington Reagan National DCA 15 miles $60
Washington Dulles International IAD 30 miles $65
Baltimore/Washington BWI 35 miles $81

Metro (subway):

Metrorail—The DC area’s underground train system—provides safe, clean, reliable transportation across most areas of the city. All Metro stations are accessible. Look for tall brown columns with a large "M" at the station entrances. Colored stripes around the column show which train lines serve the station. A SmarTrip card is required to ride the Metro and area busses. You may purchase a SmarTrip card at any Metro subway station using your credit card at automated vending machines. You can add any dollar amount to the card. A typical one-way rail ride is about $2.50. The D.C. Metro is a “tap in-tap out” system: you tap your card on an RFID reader at a turnstile when entering the platform area and tap out at a turnstile as you exit at your destination. The closest Metro station to the NIH campus is: Medical Center (Red Line). As you exit the station, you will be at the NIH Visitor Center’s front door.


Visitor parking for conference attendees at the Natcher Center will be at the Gateway Parking Garage (MLP-11 on the map). Cost is $2.00 per hour for the first three hours, or $12.00 for the entire day.


You are free to make reservations at any hotel of your choice. For your convenience, a room block has been set aside for our group at a hotel near the NIH campus. If you wish a room within our group room block, please use the link in the grid below to make your reservation directly with the hotel, or you can call the Group Reservations department directly at the U.S. toll-free phone numbers. Please note any hotel rules specified in your confirmation (deposit, change of dates, etc.), as well as the reservations deadline date.

Bethesda Marriott


5151 Pooks Hill Rd., Bethesda, MD 20814, 301-897-9400, Group Reservations: 800-228-9290 Local: 800-393-3412

$251.00 plus 13% tax Shuttle to NIH 1.5 miles north of NIH Medical Center Station 1.5 mile south (located at NIH) May 24, 2019
BLOCK NAME “NSTC: Building Bridges for S&T Enterprise” - Reservations link

Additional Hotels

Marriott Marquis Washington, DC 901 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, District Of Columbia 20001 USA

A list of additional hotels in the area can be found on the NIH website: https://clinicalcenter.nih.gov/about/visitor/hotels.html#shuttleroute



You are on your own for all meals during the conference. The Natcher building has a small cafeteria that serves breakfast and lunch (open 6:30 AM-2:30 PM).


You may either purchase your lunch from the Natcher building cafeteria or you may pre-order a lunch box delivered to the conference venue.


– to avoid the lines at the small cafeteria and to ensure that there is ample time for discussion and networking. Pre-ordered/pre-paid lunches will be delivered as a group to the Natcher Building Atrium (ground level) each day (June 13 and 14) at 11:30 AM, and will be guarded by staff until the meeting adjourns for lunch. All Pre-Paid Pre-Orders must be received by 12 Noon EDT on Monday, June 10. No orders can be made over the phone/email or on the day of the conference.

Lunch orders can be placed through the following venues:


The Fresh Fork

 The Corner Bakery Cafe

If you're looking for alternate food or dinner restaurant options, click here for a detailed list of all the restaurants in the Bethesda, MD area.


Fresh Fork Lunch Ordering Instructions

Orders are not accepted over the phone or by email and must be received by 12 Noon EDT on Monday, June 10.

Please note: All pre-orders must also be prepaid; NO CASH will be accepted on the day of the conference

Directions for ordering your boxed lunch from Fresh Fork:
  1. Go to the Eurest Conference catering link: https://eurestconferencecatering.catertrax.com/ This site is browser sensitive, we recommend using Internet Explorer only.
  2. Login
    • If you have an account: Login using your last name & password
    • If you need an account: You can create an account by clicking on “Need an Account? Click Here” under the customer login on left. Create your account by entering your:
      • Name
      • Password
      • Contact Information
  1. Click “Box Lunch Orders” button on the left. Then select “Boxed Lunch” on the right side of the screen to view menu and choose your lunch order. Make selections and click ORDER. Click CONTINUE to choose your delivery day for LUNCH DAY 1.
*NOTE: To place a boxed lunch order for multiple days, select option to add more AFTER entering date and delivery time for each day. If you add more before selecting each date and delivery, all orders will be delivered the same date.
  1. Click the dates you are ordering for June 13 on the calendar
  2. Select “Location:” And Choose the On Campus Delivery dropdown
  3. Fill out these fields regarding location and time to deliver your order:
    • Contact Name: Laurie Dacus (this is conference POC)
    • Building: Natcher Building 45
    • Room Name/Room #: Natcher Atrium
    • Meeting Name: NSTC: Building Bridges for Impacts across the S&T Enterprise
    • Contact Phone: 703-304-6817
    • Food Delivery Time: 11:30 AM (Thur. 06/13/2019)
    • Guest Count: (number of people you have ordered for) This is generally 1.
  1. Continue to next page
    • Order name: Please enter your name here (so the box will be labeled with your name)
    • Click “<<Add Another Order>>” on the bottom of the screen to place an order for Day 2 for the meeting
    • Repeat steps 3-7
    • ***Be sure to change the delivery date to June 14 for this Day 2 order, all other information is to remain the same.
  1. Proceed to Checkout

Corner Bakery Cafe Ordering Instructions

All orders must be received by 12 Noon EDT on Monday, June 10.

Please note: All pre-orders must also be prepaid; NO CASH will be accepted on the day of the conference.

Directions for ordering your lunch from Corner Bakery Café:
  1. Go to the Corner Bakery Cafe catering link: https://www.cornerbakerycafe.com/catering
  2. Click “Order Online” on the top right-hand corner
    1. Please use zip code: 20892
  1. Location (of store): Westlake
  2. Under Westlake info, click: “Order Catering
    1. Order type: Pick-Up [**for our group - this is correct**]
    2. Date: 06/13/2019
    3. Delivery time: 11:30 AM
    4. Number of guests: This is generally 1.
    5. Enter under Address (deliver to) Natcher Conference Center, 45 Center Dr., Bethesda, MD 20892 Proceed to menu.
    6. Select Lunch/ Dinner, then scroll down to: Individual Ordering or Lunch Boxes on left-hand side
    7. Make Selection, follow website instructions - there will be no delivery charge, gratuity is optional
    8. Under ”Special Instructions” and ”Order Note” – Group NSTC: Building Bridges for Impacts across the S&T Enterprise [this is *IMPORTANT* so all orders are grouped and delivered together]
  1. Repeat above steps to purchase a separate order for June 14 as well.