International Case Studies for Large-Scale R&D Infrastructure

10:10 AM - 11:55 AM

Balcony B

Investments in large-scale R&D infrastructure are informed by strategic planning exercises and roadmaps that analyze the existing landscape and anticipate future needs at a national or international scale. In this session, we will explore how such efforts help align investments in R&D infrastructure projects with national or international partnerships and priorities. We will discuss challenges in strategic planning and large-scale coordination, as well as pathways forward for organizations interested in applying lessons learned.


Altaf Carim,


will speak on G7 discussions on Global Research Infrastructures, “P5” planning for physics, and the LBNF/DUNE Project.

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Mary Kavanagh,

Delegation of the European Union to the USA:

will discuss how Europe is working to align investments in R&D infrastructure and to internationalize the user base of national infrastructures.

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Charlotte Warakaulle,

European Council for Nuclear Research (CERN):

will discuss strategic planning processes at CERN within the broader context of the European Strategy for Particle Physics and decision-making for large-scale projects.

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Discussion Questions:

  • What are the challenges that are specific to international collaborations and coordination of global research and R&D resources?
  • How do changes in governments and national policies – e.g., Brexit – impact R&D collaborations and planning?
  • What are lessons learned to ensure continuity for large-scale R&D resource investments?
  • How to identify common priorities and mutual benefits in international R&D collaborations?
  • What are strategies to get agencies, U.S. and international partners together on pressing R&D resource needs?
  • What are opportunities to advance international R&D collaborations?