Communicating R&D Impact

9:50 AM - 11:15 AM

Balcony C

How do you communicate the value of your work with the scientific community, your colleagues, and the public? Come hear about the impactful strategies used to communicate technology transfer successes by leaders in health, agriculture, defense, and space.


Mojdeh Bahar,


will discuss a roadmap for communicating the value of tech transfer. She will discuss why communication matters, what communication means across various organizations, and how communication brings value to the scientific community

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Brett Cusker,


will discuss results from the 2018 DoD Licensing Economic Impact Study and describe strategies for using these results to promote new partnerships with industry, build agency leadership advocacy for technology transfer activity and show S&Es how technology transfer tools provide unique transition pathways to support their agency mission.

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Dan Lockney,


will discuss approaches to communication of R&D successes at NASA.

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Discussion Questions:

  • How do you know you are successful at communicating R&D impacts? What changes or decisions do you aim to influence?
  • When is it appropriate or not to quantify economic impacts for all R&D investments?
  • What should be the denominator to communicate and compute R&D ROI? Does it make sense to base R&D ROI on technology transfer or all of R&D investments?
  • How do you align impacts to mission with communicating ROI for R&D?
  • How do you deal with the challenges of aligning measures with mission success with R&D impact?
  • [For audience] What are strategies and lessons learned for communicating and quantifying R&D impacts used in other sectors? What opportunities exist to apply those lessons?