Innovative Metrics to Evaluate R&D

9:50 AM - 11:15 AM

Balcony B

Hear from speakers that are using innovative metrics and methods, including combining information and data from various sources, to make R&D investment decisions and to understand impacts of their R&D investments. Hear how agencies are coordinating the use of these metrics and methods within and across agencies.


Jeff Dowd,


will discuss a suite of metrics toward building an evidence culture in DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

[presenter materials]

Monica Linnenbrink,


will discuss a pilot project that tracks the use of traditional and alternative metrics.

[presenter materials]

George Santangelo,


will discuss the use of AI/ML and agency coordination.

Discussion Questions:

  • How can altmetrics be used for decision making?
  • What are best practices to minimize the inappropriate use of metrics?
  • How should the optimal mix of AI/ML and human intervention be determined for decision making?
  • What are best practices and lessons learned for obtaining assurance that the use of the information derived from metrics is actually being used in decision making?
  • In the determination of impact and ROI, what are the considerations for determining what would have happened had the intervention not taken place?