Tracking R&D Investments Across Silos

9:50 AM - 11:15 AM

Room G

Measuring the impact of R&D investments relies in part on tracking investments across multiple agencies, offices, and institutions. This session will discuss progress that has been made as well as opportunities for and challenges to collecting and integrating R&D investment flow at the funder, institutional, or researcher level in a way that facilitates change. Join us to brainstorm best practices to integrate data sharing in the research assessment environment.


Brian Haugen,


will discuss NIH efforts that combine information on research investments with investments made by others and persistent identifiers.

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Julia Lane,

New York University:

will discuss a scientific basis for the process by which science is generated in the context of the history of STARMetrics.

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Jason Owen-Smith,

University of Michigan:

will discuss the IRIS tracking system.

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Gavin Reddick,


will discuss work with NIH to bring together investment data in a standardized way to improve quality and accessibility

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Discussion Questions:

  • How do you see the concept of tracking R&D investments across silos changing over the next five years with the introduction of new technology?
  • How much have we evolved the concept of tracking R&D investments as a result of the call for better benchmarks?
  • How can research institutions be encouraged to share more information about people and investments?
  • How should Federal Agency policy and practices be formulated to prevent the data from being siloed?
  • What are the infrastructure elements for tracking investments in a way that facilitates change?