Marketing Federally Supported R&D Resources

2:00 PM - 3:20 PM

Balcony C

There is a wealth of federal resources available to advance the S&T enterprise, including federally-funded intellectual property available for technology transfer. How can the public navigate these opportunities, and what tools are available to attract potential commercial partners? This session will focus on public data systems, catalogs of capabilities, and various perspectives on how this information is disseminated. The session will consider the strengths and weaknesses of what’s done today and make suggestions for improvements.


Robert Bectel,


will discuss the benefits of growing ecosystems of National Laboratory innovations, expertise and capabilities – and providing ready access to them from many facets of understanding.

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John Dement,

Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) for Technology Transfer:

will discuss FLC’s tools and efforts to collect lab assets, showcase the labs and their tech, and ultimately make them searchable for use by the both the private sector and agencies.

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Dan Lockney,


will discuss the strategies to raise awareness of NASA technologies and IP.

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Discussion Questions:

  • To what extent is marketing focused internally within the federal government to facilitate avoiding duplication or building synergies? Should there be more?
  • How do you equip inventors to more effectively reach out to companies?
  • How do you balance non-conventional vs conventional marketing techniques? Are there some non-conventional techniques that should have more widespread usage? Why?
  • What tactics are employed to provide entrepreneurial training to researchers?
  • What are the building blocks of an effective communication strategy? What are techniques for prioritizing those building blocks under constrained resources?