Keith Crane

Research Staff Member

Science and Technology Policy Institute

Keith Crane  is an economist at IDA’s Science and Technology Policy Institute who works on issues pertaining to the costs and value of scientific collections, space, civilian nuclear power, quantum technologies, energy and the environment. Prior to coming to STPI in 2016 he was Director of the RAND Corporation’s Environment, Energy, and Economic Development Program. In addition to his work on technology, energy, and the environment, he has written extensively on Afghanistan, post-conflict nation building and economic development, China, and the transition economies of Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States. In the fall of 2003, Dr. Crane served as an economic policy advisor to the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad. Prior to rejoining RAND in February 2002, Dr. Crane was Chief Operating Officer and Director of Research at PlanEcon, Inc., a research and consulting firm based in Washington, DC, that focused on Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet republics.