Gavin Reddick

Chief Analyst


Gavin Reddick previously worked as Senior Information Analyst at the UK Medical Research Council specializing in statistical analysis and information flows, focusing on the collection and evaluation of the outputs, outcomes and impact arising from funded research. Whilst at the MRC Gavin's major projects included the expansion of the MRC's online output reporting tool - e-Val to include multiple medical funders and ultimately non-medical funders as part of Researchfish (, and Gateway to Research (, the UK's public website for information on grants funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and their outputs.


Gavin moved to Researchfish as Chief Analytical Officer in 2015 and now helps to ensure the smooth running of the data collection and analysis on the outputs, outcomes and impacts for over 130 funding agencies using the common Researchfish platform. Gavin's focus is making it easy to get meaningful data through integrations with thousands of external data sources, reducing the burden of reporting for researchers, and improving the quality of data available to support evaluations.